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Mandarinata and Elderflower Spritzer

This mandarinata and elderflower spritzer is the most refreshing drink you'll taste all year.


Summer Berry Sparkling Sangria

Summer Berry Sparkling Sangria is a light and refreshing wine made with our new Colavita Pinot Grigio. Although perfect on its own, this wine is versatile enough to use in a variety of creations!


Perugina Hot Chocolate

There is nothing better than hot chocolate to help you stay warm on a frosty winter night. Our Perugina Hot Chocolate takes things to a whole new level by using dark chocolate along with either ground cayenne pepper or chili powder for flavor. Enjoy this with your family tonight!


Baci Malted Milk White Russian

A well-made White Russian is a thing of beauty: a sweetly intoxicating cocktail that is equal parts tipsy potable and decadent dessert drink. While improving a classic can be difficult, it has absolutely been done here, by incorporating a homemade Baci malted milk as the base of the drink instead of the traditional cream. The mixture of sweet and nutty Baci White Chocolates and malt powder adds an incomparably creamy flavor to the drink, softening the edges of the alcohol and making for remarkably smooth drinking. This is an elegant beverage that works as an indulgent aperitif or a delightful dessert drink.


Garden Salad Gin and Tonic Cocktail

In this intriguing herbaceous cocktail, gin is infused with our Extra Virgin Olive Oil lending body and a grassy, fruity, and savory note to the beverage. This process is called “fat washing.” By infusing the gin in this way, the delicate nuances of the oil are left behind resulting in an unforgettable cocktail.


Italian Garden Bloody Mary Cocktail

Arguably one of the best known cocktails, the Bloody Mary is the perfect brunch accompaniment. We take this classic cocktail up a notch with our Italian Garden Tomato Sauce and a splash of our Limonolio Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Lemon-Rosemary Shandy Cocktail

A shandygaff, or shandy as it is more commonly known, is a refreshing cocktail containing a combination of a pale lager and a carbonated beverage. Our imported Niasca Portofino Limonata, a sparkling drink containing natural infusions like Tigullio lemons from the lemon groves of Portifino, elderflowers, and pure cane sugar, makes this a truly exceptional must-try!


Sparkling Strawberry-Basil Shrub Cocktail

Shrubs are old-fashioned drinking vinegars that are making a big comeback in handcrafted specialty cocktails. Our Strawberry-Basil Shrub is made with our Aged White Wine Vinegar. These vinegary additions are made with fruit, vinegar, and sugar and can be used deliciously in cocktails, sparkling sodas, and salad 


Colavita Oil and Vinegar Potato Chip Cocktail

If you’re looking for a cure for the overly sweet cocktail, here’s the antidote: an utterly crave-worthy cocktail inspired by -wait for it -potato chips. Vodka acts as the sturdy base of salt-tooth satisfying beverage, which is made with sweet-and-tangy Colavita Balsamic Glace and rich, spicy and nutty Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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