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Delicata Squash and Kale Quiche

A beautiful squash quiche to take you through fall into winter.


Olive-Rosemary Flatbread

Long before there were ovens, rustic flat-breads were baked on the floor of the hearth. This robustly flavored recipe can be cut into small squares for an appetizer, or into larger squares and served with a meal.


Apple Crumble

Put an Italian twist on an American cobbler by adding polenta to the topping. You may want to place a baking sheet underneath the crostata to catch any juices that bubble over the topping.


Baci Mousse

This recipe combines chocolate, hazelnuts and delicious Baci into a sweet creamy mousse. Easy to make and impossible to resist. You're guest will love it for dessert


Panettone French Toast

Panettone is typically exchanged around the holidays. Use it to treat any house guests with a breakfast of sweet Panettone French Toast in the morning.


Sweet Pumpkin Soup

Try this delicious spiced sweet pumpkin soup to start your Thanksgiving or holiday dinner. It's like eating pumpkin pie out of a bowl, but only more savory.


Escarole and Chick Pea Soup

Escarole and Chick Pea Soup is a great weekday 30 minute meal. Enjoy with all the family this light and healthy soup.


Pasta e Fagioli Soup with Feta Spinach Chicken Sausage

Pasta e Fagioli Soup with Feta Spinach Chicken Sausage: This delicious hearty soup can be prepared in your crockpot (slow-cooker) or on the stove top. Directions are given for both.


Baked Italian Cauliflower

For when you're scrambling for a a quick to prepare side dish, try this. It'll save you some time to make the main dish for dinner while providing a nutritious boost.

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