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Roasted Corn with Fresh Parsely and Olive Oil

Roasted Corn with Fresh Parsley and Olive Oil is a simple, yet delicious recipe good to be served along with al fresco Sweet Italian Sausage Rolls with Roasted Peppers and Caramelized Onion and finish with Balsamic Marinated Strawberries with Whipped Topping.


Garlic Marinated Grilled Shrimp

The combination of the fresh garlic marinade and large grilled shrimp makes this your new go-to summer meal of choice.


Chocolate BBQ Sauce

A unique twist on a summertime favorite, this sweet and tangy barbecue sauce will be great on chicken, steak or slathered on a hamburger.


Chili Marinated Chicken

This dish requires a little extra love - hand mash your chili peppers to make Chili Marinated Chicken. With a fiery flavor and grilled texture, this pairs nicely with a fresh cucumber, tomato, and parsley quinoa salad.


Grilled Salmon with Fresh Herb Dressing

If your waiting to fire up your grill, don't waste any time. This Grilled Salmon recipe is worth the effort with it's tender meat and spiced herbed dressing made of chives, tarragon, and thyme. With a hint of fresh lemon juice, you'll be able to taste the summertime.


Grilled Truffle Steak with Polenta Cakes and Zucchini Salad

Polenta takes on a whole new personality when grilled with truffle steaks and served with zucchini salad.


Grilled Chicken and Pesto Pizza with Fontina

Grilled pesto chicken is the perfect topping to pizza dough also cooked on the grilled with fontina cheese and sun-dried tomatoes. It's a gourmet masterpiece made from a old time favorite.


Grilled Artichokes and Polenta with Pesto and Blistered Tomatoes

A rustic Italian-inspired meal with grilled artichokes giving the dish delicious earthy, smokey flavor, polenta that is also grilled and drizzled with pesto, sprinkled with capers and strewn with basil leaves. Serve this on casual summer evenings, with a dollop of burrata if desired.


Grilled Antipasto Seitan Kebabs

These freshly made Grilled Antipasto Kebobs are great for the vegans in your life. They can enjoy good filling grilled food at your next barbecue since Seitan, a wheat protein, acts as a great meat substitute.

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