What’s in Season this Summer?
What’s in Season this Summer?
June 6, 2017

Our Favorite Back to School Recipes

Our Favorite Back to School Recipes


back to school tray

Every September, as the weather gets a little bit colder, kids scurry to class with new backpacks, fresh notebooks, sharpened pencils, and of course, their lunchboxes filled with their favorite snacks and treats. Although going back to school is often bittersweet for parents, it’s a great opportunity to press reset on everything from schedules to recipes. This year, we decided to come up with easy, fresh, and unique back to school recipes filled with nutritious options that are sure to impress even the pickiest eaters.

For Box #1, we have our pasta with carrot pesto, sprinkled with parsley and lined with cucumbers on the sides. This is a great option because A.) the pasta doesn’t need to be kept warm and B.) It’s a great source of protein and fiber. We filled our next compartment with thyme walnut cookies and a deviled egg to make sure to add something savory, as well as some Vitamin B12, found in eggs which turns into energy. For dessert, we have our Peanut Butter and Jelly bars. These are sure to be a new favorite amongst your family. We added a sugary spin on the classic sandwich we all know and love and it’s addicting.

school tray with delicious food
school lunch tray

For our second box, we started off with cinnamon raisin pasta topped with parmesan cheese. This pasta is sweet and savory all at once and a definite kid-friendly recipe. On the side, we added hummus and pita chips. Hummus is packed with health benefits from reducing blood clots and blood sugar to alleviating anemia, which makes it a perfect snack to keep in your lunchbox rotation. Our Pepper and Sage Olive Oil Crackers are the perfect way to snack with any hummus. For our dessert, we have oatmeal apple bars. These are moist, delicious and perfect even for breakfast on-the-go.

For our last box, we made a white bean hummus sandwich with sundried tomatoes and cucumbers. All of these tastes and textures combined create such a delicious combo; your kid won’t even realize that they’re lunch is good for them. As a snack, we packed some sundried polenta circles with herbed ricotta cheese on top. These make a perfect mid-afternoon snack as well as appetizers for any dinner party if you have some left over. The polenta fills you up while the ricotta on top adds a bit of calcium. We also added olives and herbed ricotta on the side for those mid-morning cravings and finally for dessert, our lemon olive oil crinkle cookies. These cookies are sweet and tangy and make for good options year-round for when you need a bite of something sweet.

Whether you’re packing these lunches for your kids or for yourself, be sure to take some photos and tag us on social media for a chance to be featured. We love seeing how our recipes come to life. Also, keep an eye out for our back to school video featuring all of these recipes, out soon.


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