Colavita by Zaza

Hello! My name is Elana, and I love pizza. I love the dough: the mixing, rising and baking. I love the toppings: the simple, the complex and the infinite combinations in between.

Pizza unleashed my inner child chef and allows my imagination to run wild. I get to make a mess, all in the name of good fun and great pizza. My goal is to combine this enthusiasm and imagination with nutrition and seasonal produce, because I believe pizza can be a healthy meal. Consequently, I'm always searching for the "perfect pie". In 2015, I started my own pizza cooking school called Zaza's Perfect Pie. I wanted to teach people how to make their own perfect pies and get them to get creative in the kitchen with pizza.

This collection of Perfect Pies for Colavita is a sample of what Zaza, my alter pizza-ego, and myself believe to excellent examples of the Perfect Pie.

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