Mike Colameco's Recipe Collection for Colavita

The folks at Colavita approached me a while back to create some easy to do at home recipes for them using EVOO with a bit of international flare. Easy enough as most of what I cook at home comes under that category, and we've been doing a lot of overseas travels shows the last few seasons on my show for inspiration. One of my rules is that home meals should take no longer than thirty minutes to cook, be healthy whenever possible, and taste great.

To that end this collection includes a great spin on Peruvian Ceviche, a hearty vegan bean stew, Philippine Chicken wings Adobo style, braised red cabbage, a low calorie riff on eggplant parm, and quick riff on grilled lamb shoulder chops with a string bean side. In all these dishes I feature Colavita EVOO exactly as would do so at home, it's my "go to" cooking oil of choice and is very versatile.

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