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Danielle’s Grilled Mac ‘n Cheese & Tomato Sauce Sandwich

Yields1 Serving

My Colavita Meal entry from Danielle Caminiti (IG: @haveucoveredinthekitchen). Notes from the recipe developer below.

The Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup combo is an American classic. “Toasted” or “Melted” cheese sandwiches date back to WW II (they weren’t called “Grilled Cheese” until the 1960’s) when naval cooks on ships prepared them for sailors, as they contained protein and were economical. Later on, U.S. school cafeterias added the tomato soup component to the sandwich for Vitamin C, making it a more well-balanced meal. Since I am an Italian-American, I decided to make an Italian twist on an American Classic through the Colavita brand. Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup is something I enjoyed as a child and my son enjoys now. Many Americans have (marinara) sauce for pasta, as well as American cheese and pantry onions making this a super easy, economical and delicious dish that the whole family can enjoy. You can serve it as a sandwich to dip into the sauce, as a casserole if you want to top it with breadcrumbs with the bread and heat it in the oven, or just eat it as Mac ‘n Cheese with tomato sauce.

 ½ lb Colavita Elbows Pasta
 1 diced yellow onion
 2 tetrapaks of Colavita Crushed Tomatoes
 ¼ Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil for sauce + extra for frying pan
 ¼ tsp salt + extra for pasta water
 ¼ tsp black pepper
 1 package (16 slices) unwrapped American Cheese, cut into pieces (I used Kraft) at room temp
 8 slices of bread - preferably sliced Brioche

Sauté diced onion in olive oil in small sauce pan over low to medium flame until translucent about 8 mins. Add tomatoes, salt & pepper and cook over low to medium flame, occasionally stirring for 10-12 mins.


Bring pot of salted water to boil and cook elbows al dente about 8-10 mins. (cooking times may differ).


Strain pasta and immediately return pasta to same pot cooked in.


Take 8 cheese slices & immediately toss in pasta, stirring until completely mixed. Add 6 tbsp sauce into the Mac ‘n cheese mixture until mixed.


In large frying pan, coated w/olive oil, on medium heat, toast both sides of each slice of bread, careful not to burn. Add remaining 8 slices onto each piece of bread. Make sandwich with pasta mix. Cut diagonally. Ladle sauce into individual bowls for dipping.