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Orecchiette with Brussels Sprouts, Pancetta and Walnuts

Yields4 ServingsPrep Time20 minsCook Time35 minsTotal Time55 mins

This orecchiette with Brussels sprouts, pancetta and walnuts can be served as a main dish or a side dish with a delicious main course of pork or chicken.

Orecchiette with Brussels Sprouts, Pancetta and Walnuts

For the Pasta:
 10 - 12 Brussels sprouts (about 9 oz once trimmed of stems)
 ¼ lb pancetta, cut into cubes
 8 oz Colavita Orecchiette
 1 tbsp kosher salt
 6 tbsp Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil
 1 cup grated pecorino or parmigiano-reggiano cheese
 Freshly cracked pepper and salt to taste
 Fresh sage, fried
For Candied Walnuts:
 1 tbsp Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil
 1 cup walnuts
 2 tbsp maple syrup
 ½ tsp cinnamon
 ¼ tsp black pepper
 ¼ tsp salt
  tsp nutmeg
For the Walnuts:

Heat up 1 tbsp of Colavita Olive Oil in a small skillet over medium heat. Add the nuts to the skillet along with the maple syrup. Toss to coat. Add in all the seasonings and sauté until fragrant, about 5 minutes. Remove from the heat and allow to cool. You can store the candied walnuts in an airtight container in the fridge for up to a week.

Brussels Sprouts:

Preheat your oven to 425°F.


Cut the stems off of each sprout and remove any outside leaves that are falling off.


Cut the sprouts in half.


Line a large, rimmed baking sheet with parchment paper. Place the trimmed sprouts on the baking sheet along with the pancetta. Drizzle with about 2 tbsp Colavita Olive Oil over the sprouts and season with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.


Roast in the oven for about 25 minutes, mixing occasionally until the sprouts are crispy and brown.


Remove from the oven and set aside.


Bring a large pot of water to boil. Cook the orechiette according to the instructions on the package. Once “al-dente”, drain the pasta, reserving about ½ cup of the pasta water.

Finishing Touches:

Heat 1 tbsp Colavita Olive Oil in a large skillet over medium heat.


Add the cooked orechiette to the pan, along with the roasted sprouts and pancetta.


Mix to combine. Add about ⅛ of a cup of the reserved pasta water to the pasta mixture and sauté until creamy - about 2 minutes.


Add the candied walnuts and remove from the heat.


Serve with the grated cheese.

Nutrition Facts

Servings 4