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Pumpkin Pancakes

Yields6 ServingsPrep Time10 minsCook Time15 minsTotal Time25 mins

Work some pumpkin into your morning with this healthy wholesome "Better than Butter" pancake recipe. A healthy way to start a fresh autumn morning! Topped with roasted pumpkin seeds and crunchy pecans.

 1 cup whole wheat flour
 ½ cup rolled oats
 ½ cup pumpkin puree
  cup sugar in the raw
  cup milk (any kind)
 2 eggs
 2 tbsp Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil (+ extra for the griddle)
 1 tsp ground cinnamon
 1 tsp vanilla extract
 ½ tsp ground ginger
 ¼ tsp ground nutmeg
 ½ tsp salt
 1 ½ tsp baking powder
For the Topping:
 ¼ cup pecans
 ¼ cup roasted pumpkin seeds
 Maple syrup
 A dusting of confectioner’s sugar

Place all the dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl and whisk to combine.


Add the wet ingredients to the dry and mix well.


Heat 1 tsp Colavita Olive Oil in a griddle or frying pan over medium heat.


Pour a ladle-full of batter onto the heated griddle and allow to cook for about 3 minutes. Bubbles will start to form on the side that is facing up. Using a spatula, you can test out the underside of the pancake to make sure it is golden brown.


If it is, flip to the other side and allow to cook for another 3 minutes.


When pressed gently with your finger in the center, a cooked pancake with spring back to form.


Remove from the heat with a spatula and repeat until no batter remains.


Top with pecans, roasted pumpkin seeds and as much maple syrup and confectioner’s sugar as you’d like.

Nutrition Facts

Servings 6