Dressings and Sauces - Colavita Recipes

Dressings and Sauces

  • Marinara Sauce
    This is our classic Marinara Sauce recipe. It’s best paired with al dente Colavita...
  • Grilled Berry Sauce
    Grilled Berry Sauce
    Make Grilled Berry Sauce into a vinaigrette, put it on pork chops, or serve...
  • Yogurt Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette
    Yogurt Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette
    Colavita Raspberry Vinaigrette is especially good when served over a spring mix of baby...
  • Fava Bean Pesto
    Fava Bean Pesto
    Tender fava beans are blended in a melody of spices, like garlic and fresh...
  • Creamy Pumpkin Dressing
    Creamy Pumpkin Dressing
    Top an autumn vegetable salad with this creamy pumpkin dressing. Best of all, there's...
  • Garlic Chips
    Garlic Chips
    Use thin and crispy garlic chips as a garnish for pasta and pizza or...
  • Caramelized Spring Onions
    Caramelized Spring Onions
    Tender caramelized spring onions are tasty on their own, but even better as a...
  • Simple Roasted Garlic
    Simple Roasted Garlic
    A roasted head of garlic is more mild and buttery than it's raw counterpart...
  • Roasted Lemons
    Roasted Lemons
    Roasted Lemons can add the perfect zesty flavor to any recipe! Add some to...
  • Four Ingredient Blender Green Goddess
    Four Ingredient Blender Green Goddess
    This four ingredient blender green goddess dressing is perfect as a dip, salad dressing,...
  • Four Ingredient Blender Chimichurri
    Four Ingredient Blender Chimichurri
    This yummy four ingredient blender chimichurri sauce comes from Argentina and is amazing with...
  • All-Purpose Shaker Vinaigrette
    All-Purpose Shaker Vinaigrette
    This Shaker Vinaigrette will become a staple in your fridge after you've tried it....
  • Salsa Verde
    Salsa Verde
    Salsa verde is great for any grilled meats, chicken, or fish. This sauce can...
  • Chocolate BBQ Sauce
    Chocolate BBQ Sauce
    A unique twist on a summertime favorite, this sweet and tangy barbecue sauce will...