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Breakfast Pizza

Have pizza for breakfast! A perfect way to start your day with eggs, pesto and tomatoes.


Whole Wheat Pizza Dough

Use this dough as a base for any or all of the delicious recipes you find on, or top with your favorite toppings.

Pasta with Peas & Mushrooms

At Colavita, we prefer to use authentic Italian ingredients and fresh produce in our cooking like quality Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, pasta and cheese. The following recipe is a wonderful medley of peas and mushrooms.


Roasted Kale, Carrot, and Parsnip Pizza

Winter is not the dearth of vegetation you assume it to be, so try our Roasted Kale, Carrot, and Parsnip Pizza with Ricotta Cheese and Chicken Sausage. If you’re trying to eat seasonal, there are reasons to welcome winter in with open arms...and ready pizza crusts. Reach for these root vegetables, and leafy greens like hearty kale. Roast them in the oven and pair with fresh herbs and ricotta cheese for a fresh and healthy winter pizza.


Broccoli Rabe, Sun-dried Tomato, and White Bean Pizza

Broccoli Rabe, Sun-dried Tomato, and White Bean Pizza on Polenta Crust with Al fresco Chicken Sausage - yum! Who says pizza has to include bread? Remember what we said about flexibility being a key characteristic of pizza? Well, that goes for changing things up. For this recipe, we created a polenta crust with fresh herbs, topped with bitter broccoli rabe, sweet sun-dried tomatoes and meaty white beans. Garnished with a few shavings of salty Pecorino cheese and crunchy pine nuts, this pizza leaves nothing wanted...not even the bread. Best of all, it’s gluten free!


White Pizza with Shaved Zucchini and Fresh Herbs

We know you’re trying to be good this holiday season...good enough so that you can tear into that tin of powdered-sugar-covered cookies. But you might want to balance all that sugar with an extra dose of vegetables. This cauliflower crust pizza will make you forget that there are tins of holiday cookies hidden under the dryer. And that’s very good.


Onion Jam, Apple and Brie Pizza Pockets

The phrase “beauty in motion” does not necessarily apply to pizza. Throw kids in the mix, and you might be peeling cheese from your ceiling fan until said children are in college. But with these pizza pockets, you can keep toppings and offspring in check—nutritionally speaking. This combination of in-season apples and brie cheese tucked into whole wheat pockets wraps nutrition and taste into one portable lunch. Make ‘em mini sized for snacks on the go!


Heirloom Tomato, Chorizo and Corn Sweet Potato Crust Pizza

Loaded with sweet potatoes, this crust is sure to be a healthy favorite, especially when topped with bright heirloom tomatoes, spicy chorizo and corn. Go ahead to the farmer's market to pick up the freshest heirloom tomatoes and corn you can find, and make this pizza!


Prosciutto and Fig Picnic Pizza

Pizza can be messy—those toppings become unhinged and can decorate the front of a freshly laundered sundress. This makes a picnic in the country decidedly less pleasant. But maybe we are just messy. This picnic pizza bakes the toppings right into the bread! Slice and serve like little sandwiches. No mess, no dry cleaning bills.

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