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Danielle’s Grilled Mac ‘n Cheese & Tomato Sauce SandwichMy Colavita Meal entry from Danielle Caminiti (IG: @haveucoveredinthekitchen). Notes from the recipe developer below. The Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup combo is an American classic. “Toasted” or “Melted” cheese sandwiches date back to WW II (they weren’t called “Grilled Cheese” until the 1960’s) when naval cooks on ships prepared them for sailors, as they contained protein and were economical. Later on, U.S. school cafeterias added the tomato soup component to the sandwich for Vitamin C, making it a more well-balanced meal. Since I am an Italian-American, I decided to make an Italian twist on an American Classic through the Colavita brand. Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup is something I enjoyed as a child and my son enjoys now. Many Americans have (marinara) sauce for pasta, as well as American cheese and pantry onions making this a super easy, economical and delicious dish that the whole family can enjoy. You can serve it as a sandwich to dip into the sauce, as a casserole if you want to top it with breadcrumbs with the bread and heat it in the oven, or just eat it as Mac ‘n Cheese with tomato sauce.
Elena Suppa’s Spicy Nduja Penne w/ Stracciatella & Pecorino Romano CheeseThis recipe was submitted by Elena Suppa for the My Colavita Meal Challenge. Notes from the recipe author below. A really simple but unbelievably delicious dish that comes together within 30 minutes but tastes like you’ve been cooking it for hours! The combo of the sweet crushed tomatoes, the flavourful Italian extra virgin olive oil and the spicy Nduja salami which melts right in there, creates such a deliciously spicy & flavourful sauce. The Pecorino Romano Cheese, a bold cheese which I prefer on pasta, along with the mild and creamy Stracciatella cheese takes this dish to another level! By the way, the gluten free pasta is so amazing! The same texture and taste as regular pasta in my family’s opinion! I loved the whole process of coming up with and creating different dishes with Colavita’s premium quality products! Sometimes we are rushed for time so I wanted to create a dish that was simple, quick & super delicious. This recipe is all that and then some! You can find more of Elena's recipes on Instagram @healthyeats_by_elena.
MamaMiaMangia’s Sugo al PomodoroThis recipe was submitted by Elena Davis of MamaMiaMangia for the My Colavita Meal challenge. Notes from the author below. This is a go-to, easy, authentic, and flavorful tomato sauce recipe you will love! I make this weekly and store it in a mason jar in the fridge and use it for an easy lunch with pasta or add to any recipe that calls for tomato sauce. It also freezes great. I receive countless compliments on the fresh, flavorful and light taste of this simple authentic recipe. Most canned pasta sauces are filled with a dozen ingredients and spices. The overdone sauce complicates the pure sweet flavor of the tomato itself. The key is using the right kind of canned tomatoes and good quality olive oil (Colavita) as a base. Italian recipes are mostly simple. They typically highlight one main ingredient with a few other spices and sub ingredients (I just made up that term) to create just the right flavor combinations. Simple is best! For more recipes from MamaMiaMangia, visit her website here.
Jennifer W. Yuen’s Pappardelle with Italian SausageThis recipe was chosen by fans as the winner of the first ever My Colavita Meal challenge. Below are Jennifer's notes on the inspiration behind this recipe. You can find more of her recipes on Instagram @sundaydinnerdiary. This easy recipe allows the passionate but busy home chef with little time to spare (but a burning desire to cook a healthy, hearty and quick autumn dinner), to throw together a gourmet dinner on a whim, without any fuss or compromise on flavor.
Spaghetti alla PuttanescaSpaghetti alla Puttanesca is said to have originated with the streetwalkers in ancient Naples, when they needed a quick hot meal. That is why it is called puttanesca. This spicy and tasty sauce is one of our favorites.
Breakfast Shakshuka GnocchiTry something different for breakfast, like this breakfast shakshuka gnocchi dish! Adding gnocchi gives a delicious twist to an already wonderful breakfast meal.
Mrs. Iaciofano’s FarfalleThis is our Marketing Director’s mom’s family-famous recipe for Farfalle with Sausage. It’s a crowd pleaser, and quick to throw together, so if you’re in a pinch and need a delicious dinner, this recipe is for you!