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Basilolio GranitaSweet granitas are great, but savory might be even better. This basilolio granita is perfect proof, and if you don't believe us try for yourself!
Fava Bean SoupThe mildly nutty flavor of a fresh fava bean pairs perfectly with the creamy mascarpone and basil oil in this delicious soup. Go for the fresh beans when you see them in the Spring.
Egg, Tomato and Pesto Pasta NestsThis is an appetizing and fun way to eat a nutritious meal. Impress your family or friends with egg, tomato and pesto pasta nests - which allow you to enjoy many flavors in a creative way. A meal with nice bright colors, and an even louder taste.
Deconstructed RatatouilleRatatouille is a classic dish that has been adapted to many tables, but the basil oil in this brings a brightness that wouldn't otherwise be found.