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Sweet Potato Energy CookiesThese cookies are a perfect high-energy treat! Whether you’re going for a long bike ride or just gearing up for the day, these cookies are just what you need to power through. They’re even gluten free! Makes 12 cookies
Olive Oil Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Oatmeal CookiesThese cookies check all the boxes: salty, sweet, nutritious and delicious! They’re packed with good for you carbs, which makes them a great breakfast cookie, or fuel for your workout! Peanut butter provides some protein and staying power, while that added salt sprinkle will help you stay hydrated on a hot bike ride (throw a few in your back pockets and start pedalling!) Pair Recipe with Olive Oil Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies with: Olive Oil Granola Parfait with Berries Similar Colavita Recipes: Quinoa Oat Clusters with Fruit and Nuts
Energy Balls
Cannoli CookiesA fun, bite sized approach to the classic Italian pastry are our cannoli cookies! Add these to your kids school lunches and they'll be the most popular kid in the class.
Cherry Almond BiscottiWhether it's for breakfast or dessert, you won't be disappointed in making these cherry almond biscotti apart of your day!
Grilled Fruit PizzaStep out of your grilling comfort zone and make a unique spiced fruit pizza with a chocolate-tomato sauce. It's a perfect ending for a hot summer barbecue with it's sweet ripe mangoes and pineapple. Plus, your guests will love the unique twist on a traditional pizza!
Olive Oil Chocolate Chip Cranberry CookiesWho says chocolate chip cookies can’t get dressed up and festive for the holidays, too? Chocolate chip cookies get a holiday makeover with the addition of dried cranberries in this easy and delectable recipe. The sweet-tart berries add a high flavor note to the cookies, which is wonderfully contrasted by chunks of bittersweet Perugina chocolate. Both berries and chocolate are surrounded by a hearty, part whole wheat dough which is made with Colavita Extra virgin olive oil. With whole grains and heart-healthy olive oil in the dough, these cookies are not only pretty with the jewel-like cranberries and shards of dark chocolate dotting the dough but a healthier holiday option, too.
Mascarpone and Pear CakesThe sweetness from the pears and the tanginess from the lemon makes this mascarpone and pear cakes recipe a perfect dessert. Enjoy after any summer meal.
Chocolate Hazelnut Baci Panna CottaChocolate hazelnut Baci panna cotta is a traditional Italian dessert perfect for Christmas and holiday time. Made with Perugina Baci kisses.
Chocolate Filled Chocolate Olive Oil CookiesHow can you make chocolate cookies better? That’s easy: fill them with more chocolate. These decadent chocolate cookies start out with a rich cookie dough made with Colavita Extra Virgin olive oil, but then they get even better when wrapped around chunks of Perugina dark chocolate and then baked to toasty perfection. Fresh from the oven, the cookies ooze chocolate when bitten into, making for a particularly scrumptious surprise. A chocolate drizzle on top only completes the chocolate effect, making for a crave-worthy chocolate treat that will satisfy even the most dedicated chocoholics.