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Cannoli CookiesA fun, bite sized approach to the classic Italian pastry are our cannoli cookies! Add these to your kids school lunches and they'll be the most popular kid in the class.
Baked Oatmeal MuffinsThese baked oatmeal muffins are the perfect morning time snack for when you're on the go or just need an extra boost of energy to make it until lunch.
Cherry Almond BiscottiWhether it's for breakfast or dessert, you won't be disappointed in making these cherry almond biscotti apart of your day!
Olive Oil Boston Cream DoughnutsOne of the mysteries of Boston Cream pie is that it is not actually a pie at all, but a cake. And what a cake, characterized by light layers of cake sandwiched with rich vanilla custard and a thick chocolate topping. The olive oil and high quality chocolate gives these doughnuts a flavor that is unlike anything you’ve ever purchased at a commercial doughnut shop!
Grilled Fruit PizzaStep out of your grilling comfort zone and make a unique spiced fruit pizza with a chocolate-tomato sauce. It's a perfect ending for a hot summer barbecue with it's sweet ripe mangoes and pineapple. Plus, your guests will love the unique twist on a traditional pizza!
Mini Chocolate BombesDon’t be intimidated by the long recipe involved in making these impressive mini chocolate bombes. Rather than one complicated recipe, it’s actually three simple recipes: mousse, chocolate brownies, and ganache. The components are then assembled to create restaurant-quality dome-shaped desserts, complete with Baci truffles inside and garnishing the tops.
Angel’s Kiss Baci CupcakesThese heavenly cupcakes with hazelnut, chocolate glace not only uses sliced Baci on top of the cake, but also inside. Take a bite, and you and all of your guests be delighted.
Baci MousseThis recipe combines chocolate, hazelnuts and delicious Baci into a sweet creamy mousse. Easy to make and impossible to resist. Your guest will love it for dessert.
Chocolate Filled Olive Oil Dutch BabyDon’t worry. In spite of the name “Dutch Baby”, this recipe doesn't venture into the macabre; rather, it’s for a large, puffy oven pancake. This version has a wonderfully nutty flavor due to the addition of Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a Perugina dark chocolate filling, and dusting of confectioners’ sugar give it just enough sweetness to make you keep craving another bite.
Olive Oil Chocolate Chip Cranberry CookiesWho says chocolate chip cookies can’t get dressed up and festive for the holidays, too? Chocolate chip cookies get a holiday makeover with the addition of dried cranberries in this easy and delectable recipe. The sweet-tart berries add a high flavor note to the cookies, which is wonderfully contrasted by chunks of bittersweet Perugina chocolate. Both berries and chocolate are surrounded by a hearty, part whole wheat dough which is made with Colavita Extra virgin olive oil. With whole grains and heart-healthy olive oil in the dough, these cookies are not only pretty with the jewel-like cranberries and shards of dark chocolate dotting the dough but a healthier holiday option, too.