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Fava Bean SoupThe mildly nutty flavor of a fresh fava bean pairs perfectly with the creamy mascarpone and basil oil in this delicious soup. Go for the fresh beans when you see them in the Spring.
Fava Bean PestoTender fava beans are blended in a melody of spices, like garlic and fresh mint, in order to make a smooth pesto. It's nutty flavor is due to the pine nuts. This pesto was served on the Catalonia Burrata-Cremini Flatbread as served at the Culinary Institute of America's "World of Flavors" event where Colavita was proud to partner with the Mushroom Council.
Baked Eggs with Seasonal VeggiesWhen shifting into spring mode, be sure to switch up your veggies too! Baked Eggs with Seasonal Veggies includes eggs, zucchini, fava beans, potatoes, mushrooms, scallions, and Ricotta cheese to produce a zesty meal for all to enjoy.