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Fig, Ricotta and Balsamic Glaze PizzaWhile dessert pizza (and all pizza) can be enjoyed anytime of year, we like to think this fig, ricotta and balsamic glaze pizza is at it's prime in the summertime.
Roasted Squash StuffingEating a turkey with this roasted squash stuffing will make the holidays even more deliciously special with its use of seasonal vegetables and bacon.
Prosciutto and Fig Picnic PizzaPizza can be messy—those toppings become unhinged and can decorate the front of a freshly laundered sundress. This makes a picnic in the country decidedly less pleasant. But maybe we are just messy. This picnic pizza bakes the toppings right into the bread! Slice and serve like little sandwiches. No mess, no dry cleaning bills.
Sausage StuffingOn Thanksgiving, the turkey is always accompanied by traditional stuffing. And while it's hard to mess with a classic side like that, we've altered the usual ingredients just so to create something a little more savory. Our Sausage Stuffing is unique, tasty, and has just enough flavor to boldly stand out.
Challah with Seven SpicesIf there's anything better than challah, it's challah with spices! Great for morning toast, an afternoon snack, or an accompaniment for dinner.
Energy BallsThese little balls are proof positive that eating healthy and enjoying a treat need not be mutually exclusive culinary experiences. These morsels are as healthy as they are delicious. Best of all? These energy balls will come together in minutes and require absolutely no special equipment. All you have to do is mix, roll, and enjoy!