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Mediterranean Power BowlInspired by the Mediterranean diet, this Mediterranean Power Bowl is sure to impress. Between lamb meatballs and tons of vegetables you have tons of nutritious foods!
Herb Marinated Lamb ChopsThis dish cannot be rushed - herb marinated lamb chops must soak in their seasonings to produce their savory flavor. The process of sautéing, then baking gives the meat a tender, yet juicy texture.
Colavita by Mike Colameco: Lamb Chops and String BeansWhile lamb loin chops are expensive I like to use lamb steaks either cut from the leg bone-in or in this case shoulder chops, great prices and flavor at half the price. The minted vinegar EVOO dressing works perfectly with this protein, and the string beans are a natural side again drizzled with some Colavita EVOO.
Grilled Lamb Skewers with ChimichurriThese Grilled Lamb Skewers with Chimichurri are a perfect main dish to any barbecue. The skewers paired with a fresh chimichurri sauce make the perfect crowd pleaser. They are also just as tasty when made with sliced flank steak or boneless chicken breasts.
Lamb PersilladeImpressive and delicious, this lamb persillade dish delivers on many levels. It’s as much a showstopper as it is easy to prepare.
Grilled Boneless Leg of Lamb with Black Olive PuréeThis herb-and-garlic-rubbed lamb is super easy to make yet so full of flavor, especially when paired with a tangy olive spread and a squeeze of lemon. If you don’t have a grill (or the weather isn't grill-appropriate), you can roast the lamb in a 425°F oven for about 25 minutes.