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Breakfast Shakshuka GnocchiBreakfast Shakshuka GnocchiTry something different for breakfast, like this breakfast shakshuka gnocchi dish! Adding gnocchi gives a delicious twist to an already wonderful breakfast meal.
Pan Fried EggplantPan Fried EggplantAn incredibly simple way to make pan fried eggplant. Not to mention, it comes out delicious! A recipe apart of our olive oil series.
Nonna's LasagneNonna’s LasagneNonna's Lasagne is a classic Italian dish and the ultimate comfort food on those cold days when you just want something extremely tasty and filling. Made with our Colavita Lasagne, featuring our homemade Marinara sauce, Nonna's Lasagne is sure to be a crowd pleaser.
Stuffed Rolled EggplantStuffed Rolled EggplantSavory, thinly sliced eggplant rolled up and stuffed with creamy sweet ricotta. Perfect as an appetizer or side dish.
Fettuccine with ShellfishFettuccine with ShellfishFettuccine is enhanced with marinara sauce and the natural juices of seafood. Choose the smallest clams and mussels, to cook this flavorful shellfish meal.
Lasagne FloretsLasagna FloretsThis attractive way to serve lasagna not only makes a great presentation, but is delicious as well. Serve them as appetizers at your next gathering.
Manicotti Di PasquaManicotti Di PasquaUsing Colavita Lasagne and marinara sauce, a traditional manicotti di pasqua recipe is updated using the freshest and most flavorful ingredients.
Healthy Chicken Breast Parm-StyleHealthy Chicken Breast Parm-StyleBy cutting out the egg and breading from traditional cutlets have yourself healthy chicken breast parm-style, with our Colavita penne rigate and marinara sauce. This is a much lighter dish than frying the breadcrumbs in a lot of oil, and it skips a few steps as well.