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Mandarinata SangriaA new take on a delicious cocktail, great for any party and a definite crowd-pleaser. Make this classic sangria for your next summer cookout!
Italian Chicken TagineFor a sweet, salty, and tangy dish all in one, try this delicious Italian Chicken Tagine recipe. It is packed with flavor given that the chicken is soaked in a tasty marinade, and cooked with the remaining flavors of the pancetta and lemon. The wine, chicken broth, and tomatoes along with the many other mixtures make this an unforgettable dish.
Shrimp FranceseAn Italian seafood dish prepared with the french technique of "francese" or "in the french manner", this pan-fried shrimp dish to sure to be a hit!
White Wine SangriaWhite Wine Sangria is a light and refreshing beverage made with crisp pinot grigio. It is versatile enough to use in a variety of creations!