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Asian-Inspired GnocchiAsian-Inspired GnocchiBring Italian and Asian cuisine together with this Asian-inspired gnocchi dish! Gnocchi plus shaved pork and broccoli, plus a ton of different spices and sauces? YUM!
Zaza's Perfect Pulled Pork PizzaZaza’s Perfect Pulled Pork PizzaYou love pulled pork, and we know you love pizza, why not put them together? Perfect for summer on the grill or winter when you need something summery!
Pork SaltimboccaPork SaltimboccaIn this classic Roman sauté, sage and prosciutto envelop thin cutlets of pork for a pork saltimbocca dish that is both quick and weeknight elegant. A dusting of flour helps hold the disparate elements together and also keeps the cutlets moist during sautéing.
Pork Tenderloin with Sage and Marsala SauceThis may look like a special-occasion roast, but it’s actually perfect for a weeknight, and while the fried sage leaves are optional, do try them. They make an unusual crisp garnish and add visual appeal to this simple but elegant dish.