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Chocolate Hazelnut Baci Panna CottaChocolate hazelnut Baci panna cotta is a traditional Italian dessert perfect for Christmas and holiday time. Made with Perugina Baci kisses.
Flourless Chocolate Truffle CakeFlourless chocolate truffle cake adorned with Perugina dark, milk, and white Baci chocolates is a stand out cake sure to please!
Chocolate Pop HeartsThese heart-shaped pastries may remind you of a childhood snack, but the flavor in this homemade version is all grown up! The Chocolate Pop Hearts feature Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil, for a tender texture and unique, sophisticated flavor, with chopped Baci Chocolate candies as a filling, Perugina chocolate –white, milk, or a mix of both –for a rich, indulgent flavor experience, as well as sprinkles for nostalgia.
Mascarpone-Swirled BrowniesThese rich Perugina brownies are stuffed with creamy homemade mascarpone cheese. Make sure to save a few pieces for yourself when you make them for family!