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Cannoli CookiesA fun, bite sized approach to the classic Italian pastry are our cannoli cookies! Add these to your kids school lunches and they'll be the most popular kid in the class.
Sun-dried Tomato HummusWho doesn't love hummus? Add even more flavor by adding sun-dried tomatoes. This sun-dried tomato hummus recipe won't disappoint!
Quinoa Oat Clusters with Fruit and NutsThis quinoa oat clusters with fruit and nuts recipe is super easy to make. Flatten it, bake, and once it has cooled you can break it up into granola-sized pieces!
Deviled Green EggsThe Colavita twist on green eggs includes creamy pesto and sour cream. This deviled green eggs recipe is yummy as both a quick snack or a party appetizer.
White Bean and Avocado ToastGet in touch with your inner millennial and enjoy this white bean and avocado toast! Both a healthy and delicious treat for any time of year.
Sun-dried Tomato Polenta RoundsIs there a better way to eat healthy and add a gluten free snack to your lunch than with our sun-dried tomato polenta rounds? These are also packed with parmesan and topped with ricotta for added flavor.
Thyme Walnut CookiesGet into the fall season with out thyme walnut cookies. These savory snacks are the perfect snack after a long day of studying.
Peanut Butter and Jelly SquaresPeanut butter and jelly hits a whole new level with our peanut butter and jelly squares. These are the perfect first day of school treat!