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Chicken Bone BrothWhether made in the instant pot or the crock pot, this chicken bone broth renders so much good flavor that you'll never go back to store bought broth or stock. It's the perfect base for any soup.
Roasted Chicken with Pumpkin Spice MarinadePumpkin makes a perfect marinade sauce - its chunky texture when puréed provides extra substance, not to mention flavor. Smoked paprika and honey give the mixture added depth. From our Autumn Olive Oil Guide.
Creamy Pumpkin DressingTop an autumn vegetable salad with this creamy pumpkin dressing. Best of all, there's no cream in it, making this a vegan dressing! A combination of apples and apple cider vinegar give a tangy balance to sweet pumpkin and maple syrup.
All-Purpose Shaker VinaigretteThis Shaker Vinaigrette will become a staple in your fridge after you've tried it. Perfect for salad, grilled veggies, or chicken!