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Sheet pan Apple BlondiesIn need of something sweet on the go? These Apple Blondies are the perfect autumn breakfast bar or after school snack. Bake them in bulk and stock up in your freezer so you're always ready for post soccer practice munchies, school lunches, or a wholesome and delicious morning start!
Chocolate EVOO Apple Slice PopsGet into the Halloween spirit with this chocolate EVOO apple slice pops! After all, what's a better fall treat than a chocolate caramel apple?!
Broccoli Slaw Pasta SaladThis broccoli slaw pasta salad, featuring our prosecco white wine vinegar and bow tie pasta, is an excellent side dish for your fourth of July BBQ!
Sweet Fruit and Cheese PlatterThe best part about this sweet fruit and cheese platter is that you can customize it anyway you want! Add some different fruit, or take some cheese out! It's all up to you and will be delicious any way!
Sweet Potato Apple PizzaOur sweet potato apple pizza is not only tasty but the also the ultimate fall pizza! Have this for lunch, dinner, or even dessert!
Butternut Squash and Kale PizzaThis pizza contains butternut squash and kale, which also includes other yummy fall flavors like apples and Monterey Jack cheese.
Italian Apple CakeItalian apple cake is the perfect way to end any fall meal. Top this delicious dessert with some vanilla ice cream for a wonderful combination of warm and cold!
Cinnamon Raisin PastaA unique twist on pasta, this cinnamon raisin pasta is the perfect lunch for those looking for something sweet and filling.
Colavita by Mike Colameco: Braised Red CabbageOnce fall turns to winter I cook both red and green cabbage a lot at home. Versatile, healthy, seasonal, and delicious this dish can be made ahead of time and eaten warm or chilled. Either way just remember to finish it table side with a drizzle of Colavita EVOO to take it to another level.