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Asparagus Soufflé FrittataAn updated frittata recipe that is fluffier than the typical one. Not only do you get the creamy texture of a frittata, you get the fluffy souffle as well.
Classic Hummus with Roasted VeggiesGet into a spring mood with this springtime hummus bowl with roasted veggies. Hummus is filled with vitamins and nutrients and the roasted veggies give you something to dip in!
Roasted Radish with Farro and Pickled GrapesRoasted radish with faro and pickled grapes has a sweetened crunch and the lightly pickled grapes and onions make a perfect pair in this salad. By omitting the farro, you can make this dish gluten free. Adaptable for anyone at your Italian Table!
Focaccia Panini with AsparagusThis delicious Focaccia Panini is great for any picnic. The earthy flavor of grilled asparagus is paired with Colavita’s tangy sun-dried tomatoes.
Spring Risotto with AsparagusClassic risotto is freshened up by the addition of fresh and tender asparagus along with fresh spring onions. Lemon zest adds a citrus note.
Asparagus, Leek, and Sun-Dried Tomato QuicheEveryone needs a perfect quiche recipe in his or her repertoire and this one bakes up just right every time. Packed with spring’s bounty of fresh flavors, we can’t decide which we like more: The filling or the crust!
Orzo Salad with Grilled Vegetables and ChickenTo create this orzo salad with grilled vegetables and chicken - chicken, asparagus, and zucchini are marinated, grilled, and tossed with sun-dried tomatoes, arugula, herbs, and white truffle glace for a bright salad.
Roasted Asparagus with ShallotsRoasted asparagus with shallots is a simple and easy-to-make recipe with a spring taste. The white truffle balsamic glace makes this side dish stand out.