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Sheet Pan Polenta Pancakes with Mixed BerriesWhy waste time making pancakes one by one, when you can meal prep them using a sheet pan? Yes! Sheet Pan Pancakes are here and they are fabulous! Mix up a batch, bake in the oven, and serve immediately (or freeze for later) with the appropriate amounts of butter and maple syrup! Your morning just got tastier (and easier)!
Sweet Fruit and Cheese PlatterThe best part about this sweet fruit and cheese platter is that you can customize it anyway you want! Add some different fruit, or take some cheese out! It's all up to you and will be delicious any way!
Avocado and Blackberry Salad with Grilled Blackberry DressingBlackberries are great, but add grilled blackberries to your vinaigrette for this avocado salad and you'll have quite the treat! By grilling the berries, you'll add a smoky and warm element to the salad, making it perfect for a cool summer night and the perfect side dish to whatever else you're grilling up.
Zabaglione with Fresh Summer FruitZabaglione with Fresh Summer Fruit is a an Italian twist on custard. It’s a warm, sweet egg custard flavored with Marsala wine. It should be a little runny – not as thick as whipped cream – almost drinkable! We recommend dipping as many fresh summer berries into it as you can!
Mixed Berry Breakfast PizzaPizza for breakfast? Why not? This pizza has everything you’d want in a breakfast: seasonal, fresh berries, smooth and creamy farmer’s cheese and a wholesome crust made with whole wheat flour and walnuts. So ring in the summer, Colavita style—with pizza!
Berry PopsiclesEnjoy these berry popsicles on a hot day, or make a cool one even cooler! Made with delicious berries of all types when they're purée'd. You can find the recipe for the fruit purée here.
Peach and Tomato Caprese SaladThis Peach and Tomato Caprese Salad takes a summer time twist on the traditional Caprese. We add in ripe summer stone fruit like peaches for a sweet complement to tangy garden tomatoes. This salad makes a great addition to grilled entrees of all kinds. Make the best use of the summer fruit while it’s around!
White Wine SangriaWhite Wine Sangria is a light and refreshing beverage made with crisp pinot grigio. It is versatile enough to use in a variety of creations!
Chocolate Berry TartOlive oil is used to make the crust of these berry filled chocolate tart. Using blackberries and strawberries, this cool tart is great for a hot summer day.