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Cajun Grilled TofuVegetarians, rejoice! Here's a great way to throw some tofu on the grill this summer with our cajun grilled tofu. Pair with some asparagus and carrots and you've got yourself a great summer dinner!
Butternut Squash and Mushroom Miso SoupYou can't go wrong with this butternut squash and mushroom miso soup recipe on a cold winter day. It's got tons of textures and flavors and it's really easy to make!
Yogurt Salad with Raspberry VinaigretteColavita Raspberry Vinaigrette is especially good when served over a spring mix of baby greens or spinach with sliced fresh strawberries and topped with some toasted almond slices.
Sweet Pumpkin SoupTry this delicious spiced sweet pumpkin soup to start your Thanksgiving or holiday dinner. It's like eating pumpkin pie out of a bowl, but only more savory.
Caramelized Onion and Gruyere PizzaHave you ever caramelized an onion? Sometimes we caramelize onions just for the smell. That sweet and tangy aroma permeates our test kitchen and office for a day or two. It’s pure bliss and better than any scented candle we’ve ever found. Caramelization is a slow, methodical process but the result is worth every minute of wait, especially combined with a Gruyere cheese-topped pizza dough. Make it happen.
Grilled Salmon with Fresh Herb DressingIf your waiting to fire up your grill, don't waste any time. Taste the summer with this Grilled Salmon with fresh herb dressing. The tender fish and spiced dressing is worth the effort of firing the grill. With a hint of fresh lemon juice, you'll be able to taste the summertime.
Herb and Leek FrittataThis fresh and green frittata combines leeks and thyme to make a perfect breakfast. Make it on a lazy Saturday or you can even dress it up for a nice brunch item for a get-together.
Black Garlic HummusThis dark but delicious variation on hummus is great for just about anything. put it on a pita chip, a crostini, or even dip some celery into it. It's perfect to serve at a party.