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Linguine with ClamsThe ultimate summer meal should be delicious, quick, and easy, and that's exactly what this spaghetti with clams dish is!
Linguine with White Clam SauceMildly garlicky and briny-sweet, this classic sauce can be put together while the linguine is boiling, providing the clams are shucked and chopped beforehand. Look for tiny to small little neck clams. When they are shucked, the meat should be pink and plump, with a clean, fresh smell. Serve the linguine with a bone-dry white wine before a fried or grilled fish dish.
Fettuccine with ShellfishFettuccine is enhanced with marinara sauce and the natural juices of seafood. Choose the smallest clams and mussels, to cook this flavorful shellfish meal.
Orecchiette with Spicy Clam SauceSimple and delicious, orecchiette is usually paired with vegetable sauces, However, this recipe uses a clam sauce with a variety of flavorful spices and herbs to mix up the dish. To make an even more impressive presentation, buy some whole clams to steam and place on the dish.
Spaghetti with Clams, Bottarga and BreadcrumbsThe most interesting ingredient in this recipe is bottarga, a salted and cured fish roe, usually from Tuna. It adds a smokey-fish quality that complements the brinier, snappier clams as well as deepens the flavor of the tomatoes. Spaghetti is the perfect base for his delicious seafood dish.
Clams OreganataClams Oreganata is a perfect, easy, Italian seafood starter to your holiday season. Serve with lemon wedges as a simple finish!