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EVOO Coffee by @sarah_licious_eatsAdding a dash of Colavita EVOO can add some major health benefits to your coffee! Just a little goes a long way at adding polyphenols and omega-3’s to your morning. Try this recipe at home and let us know what you think!
Olive Oil and Coffee Facial ScrubCoffee grounds will exfoliate your skin as the olive oil soothes and hydrates it! Make a little extra and store it at room temperature in a jar for a few weeks.
Chocolate Banana TrifleThis chocolate banana trifle will become the highlight of any party of special occasion you make it for thanks to Perugina dark and bittersweet chocolate.
Flourless Chocolate Truffle CakeFlourless chocolate truffle cake adorned with Perugina dark, milk, and white Baci chocolates is a stand out cake sure to please!