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Indonesian Shrimp Fried Noodle by Regine TijaThis delicious recipe was developed by a student of the Food and Finance High School, Regine Tija, for the 2021 Food Education Fest. For more information, please visit the Food Education Fund's website:
Fried Rice and Vegetable BowlThis “Fried” rice bowl is healthy, hearty and flavorful. You can enjoy it for lunch or dinner and can be prepped ahead of time to make mealtimes a snap. Store cooked ingredients separately to keep them fresh and assemble when ready to eat.
Cajun Grilled TofuVegetarians, rejoice! Here's a great way to throw some tofu on the grill this summer with our cajun grilled tofu. Pair with some asparagus and carrots and you've got yourself a great summer dinner!
Korean Risotto Bowl with Crispy TofuUse arborio rice in a different way with this Korean risotto bowl with crispy tofu! Filled with healthy vegetables and pickled radishes, this Asian-inspired dish is a great way to use a bunch of different Colavita products.
Sweet Potato Tofu BowlThis tofu sweet potato bowl may seem complicated, but we promise it's not! This delicious dish is the perfect lunch. Recipe featured in our "What I Eat in a Day" Series.
Colavita by Mike Colameco: Philippine Spicy WingsThis dish inspired by Adobo I had in the Philippines is super tasty and easy. The wings should be marinated overnight for best flavor and then the dish can be prepared very quickly the next day. The flavors are big and complex, and the Colavita EVOO really helps tie them all together.
Grilled Marinated London BroilTender London Broil is marinated in a melody of spices that marinate the meat for hours at a time. Then, it is grilled to perfection to a nice, medium rare that will really make your mouth water.
Asian-Style Steamed Cod over Napa CabbageThis Asian-style steamed cod over napa cabbage recipe produces a savory piece of fish over the finest greens and seasonings. Serve with whole grain or white rice to compliment the fish and veggies.
Pan Steamed Salmon with Carrots and ZucchiniFor an Asian-inspired meal, try out our Pan Steamed Salmon with Julienned Carrot, Zucchini, Ginger, and Soy. Once the Salmon is done, finish off the vegetables with some Colavita Extra-Virgin Olive Oil to give them some extra flavor.
One Pan Lettuce WrapsEasy to make and perfect for leftovers, these one pan lettuce wraps can be made with chicken or tofu. Try them with your favorite side dish for lunch!