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Roasted Vegetable Empanadas by Indio Alvarado-RoblesThis delicious recipe was developed by a student of the Food and Finance High School, Indio Alvarado-Robles, for the 2021 Food Education Fest. For more information, please visit the Food Education Fund's website:
Thanksgiving Leftover Buddha BowlBring your leftovers from turkey day to life with this Thanksgiving leftover buddha bowl! Not only will you make a full meal in no time, you'll also make tons of room in your fridge.
Avocado and Blackberry Salad with Grilled Blackberry DressingBlackberries are great, but add grilled blackberries to your vinaigrette for this avocado salad and you'll have quite the treat! By grilling the berries, you'll add a smoky and warm element to the salad, making it perfect for a cool summer night and the perfect side dish to whatever else you're grilling up.
Grilled Tuna Steak SaladGrilling up tuna never sounded and tasted so good as with our tuna steak salad recipe. Put together this dish for the whole family to enjoy on a lovely summer evening outside by the fire.
MinestroneMinestrone is a classic, ever lasting recipe everyone should try. Especially good during fall and winter this vegetable soup is even better with some grated parmesan cheese on top.
Crunchy Cereal VeggiesThis crunchy cereal veggies dish is a crunchy sweet snack that uses your favorite cereal! We recommend a cereal that uses an iconic captain as their spokesperson.
Green Goddess Dip with CruditésGreen, green and more green! Not only is this Green Goddess dip a beautiful hue, it and all of the green veggies are brightened by the addition of radicchio