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Potato Latkes with Pear ChutneyPotato latkes are a staple of Hanukkah, and that's why we've come up with our own version of potato latkes with pear chutney. Fry these delicious pancakes in our olive oil for crisp and delicate flavor.
Chicken Pot PieIs there anything more classic than chicken pot pie? Made with a buttery flakey crust and fresh delicious chicken, this is the perfect cold weather meal.
Roasted ChickenRoasted chicken is an incredibly popular dish for any family meal. We're confident you'll love our version of it. A recipe apart of our olive oil series.
Mashed Potato CupsThese mashed potato cups are super adorable and filled with yummy pancetta and cheese! Your guests will be gobbling these up this Thanksgiving season.
Grilled Tuna Steak SaladGrilling up tuna never sounded and tasted so good as with our tuna steak salad recipe. Put together this dish for the whole family to enjoy on a lovely summer evening outside by the fire.
Fava Bean SoupThe mildly nutty flavor of a fresh fava bean pairs perfectly with the creamy mascarpone and basil oil in this delicious soup. Go for the fresh beans when you see them in the Spring.
Winter Potato Soup with RosemaryWinter potato soup with rosemary is a smooth and creamy pureed soup. Sweetened with carrot and onion, this soup will keep you toasty!
Fusilli with Pesto and PotatoesThis fun Fusilli with Pesto and Potatoes recipe combines nutty pesto with filling potato to make a mean main course. Use Colavita pesto or make your own!
Truffle ChipsAs a healthy alternative to chips, these oh so crispy truffle chips are thinly cut then double fried and seasoned with garlic, parsley and American Grana.
Spring Pea Salad with White Beans and ShrimpThis spring pea salad with white beans and shrimp contains flavors that will excite your mouth. The Vinaigrette has a sweet, fresh flavor, and the salad follows a similar taste. The salad is topped off with shavings of Parmegiano-Reggiano cheese, and ready for you to enjoy!
Baked Eggs with Seasonal VeggiesWhen shifting into spring mode, be sure to switch up your veggies too! Baked Eggs with Seasonal Veggies includes eggs, zucchini, fava beans, potatoes, mushrooms, scallions, and Ricotta cheese to produce a zesty meal for all to enjoy.