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Creamy Cheese FondueThis quick and simple creamy cheese fondue recipe will be gone in seconds. Use any assortment of foods for dipping, including our pasta shapes and sun-dried tomatoes!
Linguine with ClamsThe ultimate summer meal should be delicious, quick, and easy, and that's exactly what this spaghetti with clams dish is!
Fettuccine with Bolognese SauceA staple of Northern Italy, this Bolognese sauce is full of meaty deliciousness combined with sweet and savory tomatoes and served over our Fettuccine Nest pasta. Enjoy this hearty pasta dish with some Valpolicella Ripasso.
Osso BuccoOsso Bucco is a Milanese speciality of cross-cut veal shanks braised with vegetables, white wine and broth. Enjoy our version over polenta. A recipe apart of our olive oil series.
Lemon Ginger PunchWhite wine transforms this Lemon Ginger Punch into a beautiful warm-weather cocktail for all of your guests, or just for you!
Mandarinata SangriaA new take on a delicious cocktail, great for any party and a definite crowd-pleaser. Make this classic sangria for your next summer cookout!
Linguine with White Clam SauceMildly garlicky and briny-sweet, this classic sauce can be put together while the linguine is boiling, providing the clams are shucked and chopped beforehand. Look for tiny to small little neck clams. When they are shucked, the meat should be pink and plump, with a clean, fresh smell. Serve the linguine with a bone-dry white wine before a fried or grilled fish dish.
Fettuccine with ShellfishFettuccine is enhanced with marinara sauce and the natural juices of seafood. Choose the smallest clams and mussels, to cook this flavorful shellfish meal.
Risotto with LeeksSpring is in the air, and what better way to greet it than with a risotto. This one is made with in season fresh spring leeks that you can pick up from a farmer's market if desired. Top with Parmigiano-reggiano, and you have a simple but flavorful meal.